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Man Calls Police Over Bad Haircut

Larry Fine from the Three Stooges. Photo: Archive Photos/Getty Images

A man in Wisconsin called police when he was the victim of a terrible crime (and our worst nightmare): His stylist gave him a bad haircut. But this was not just any bad haircut — the stylist buzzed a line through the middle of his head (à la one of the Three Stooges) and snipped his ear with scissors.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports hair stylist Khaled A. Shabani, 46, was issued a ticket on Wednesday for disorderly conduct over the botched haircut. The victim, a 22-year-old man, had gone into Shabani’s shop on Friday to get the sides of his heads shaved and an inch off the top. But Shabani allegedly started twisting the man’s ear, telling him to stop fidgeting and moving his head, according to Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Shabani then allegedly then snipped the man’s ears with scissors and ran a hair clipper down the middle of his head — with the shortest possible attachment. DeSpain said the man was left “looking a bit like Larry from the Three Stooges.”

The hair cut in question.

The customer then had a different stylist shave his entire head (understandable) before heading out. Shabani claims the snip was an accident. He was still issued a disorderly conduct ticket, and he’s since pleaded not guilty.

Man Calls Police Over Bad Haircut