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Watch Hacker Rihanna Rob the Met Gala in the First Ocean’s 8 Trailer

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

We’ve been waiting to find out what heist would be worthy of the A-List gang of female criminal masterminds assembled for the new Ocean’s 8 movie, and now the first trailer has arrived to exceed all of our wildest expectations. This time it’s not robbing a casino, like Ocean’s Eleven, or stealing a Fabregé Egg (what were you thinking, Ocean’s Twelve?), but the fashion world’s greatest target: The Met Gala. And not just the Met Gala — a $150 billion diamond necklace worn by Anne Hathaway at the Met Gala (a 150 billion diamond hoodie would probably be more true-to-life, but we’ll take what we can get).

Come for Rihanna as a dreadlocked hacker named Eight Ball robbing the event that she is literally hosting in 2018 (along with Amal Clooney, real-life wife of Danny Ocean — so meta!), stay for Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett as the crew leaders, as well as Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, a lot of impeccable outerwear, and of course, an Anna Wintour cameo. This is truly going to be the movie of our time.

Watch Rihanna Rob the Met Ball in First Ocean’s 8 Trailer