Woman Reportedly Takes Top Off to Protest Tax Bill

The House of Representatives chamber. Photo: Brooks Kraft/Corbis via Getty Images

On Tuesday, the House voted to pass the Republican tax bill, which will benefit the extremely rich and virtually no one else. Unsurprisingly, protesters flooded the gallery to voice their opposition to the wildly unpopular bill. Slightly more surprising was the woman who reportedly took her top off to protest the bill.

“House protesters gone wild: woman takes her top off in the gallery of the House protesting tax vote,” Politico correspondent Anna Palmer tweeted out. Jonathan Allen of NBC News clarified that she was “still wearing bra” — unlike the protesters who crashed Donald Trump’s polling site and the unveiling of his wax statue.

It’s unclear who the woman was but, if she moves quickly, she can probably make it to the Senate vote in time for an encore.

Woman Takes Top Off to Protest Tax Bill