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8 Structured Work Totes Under $200

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Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a bore. Welcome to Business Casual — here to make your weekdays easier.

Contrary to popular belief, work bags don’t have to be bulky, slouchy, or boring. Yes, you need something that can fit all of your stuff, and yes, if you’re working all day and going out afterwards, you probably have a lot of stuff — but you can still haul it around in something cute. Below are 8 durable, well-sized work bags for under $200. Scroll ahead for the complete list.

The Chic White Version

The Trendy One

The gold hardware is cool, but if you find it impractical, there’s also a long strap.

The Bold One

The Mod Pick

The unusual handle makes this stand out from the pack.

The Slightly Fancy One

The oversize shape and patent leather make this a stunner.

The Minimalist Choice

If you’re looking for clean leather tote that’s a bit smaller than most.

The Essentials Pick

This Everlane tote is simple and straight to the point.

The Dramatic One

From the bright yellow mustard color to the long vertical shape, this has style to spare.

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8 Structured Work Totes Under $200