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Alex Jones Says Trump Doesn’t Have a Small Penis, Okay?

Alex Jones. Photo: Tamir Kalifa/AP

Far-right InfoWars host and Big Yogurt opponent Alex Jones used his Wednesday afternoon broadcast to address Donald Trump’s alarming “nuclear button” tweet — and then segued into a defense of the size of the president’s genitals.

“Now the media went into conniption fits and the headlines from MSNBC are Trump’s sexual obsessions may destroy the earth,” Jones’s dick-related rant began. “They’re the ones saying hey we got a bigger nuclear button than you, we got a bigger arsenal, more powerful, and it works. Nothing to do with the media trying to say the president has small genitals.”

Referring to observations about the president’s petite hand size, Jones continued, “And by the way he doesn’t even have small hands, and by the way that’s a cliché, and a wives’ tale, and not even true as well. Medical doctors will tell you it’s the feet size. But the point is — that it’s more comparable. And that’s not even an exact metric.”

Wow, looks like it’s been a big day for political D’s. But of course, this isn’t Jones’s first time defending Trump’s junk.

Alex Jones Defends Trump Against ‘Small Genitals’ Rumors