Let Anna Wintour Eat Carbs

Anna Wintour. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

If you thought the fashion world was only interested in carbs as props for photo shoots, think again. According to “Page Six,” Vogue editor Anna Wintour seemingly gave them her stamp of approval on Monday night, as she was spotted requesting a bunch of bread at a dinner party.

As “Page Six” reports, Wintour was waiting for dinner at Broadway star Cynthia Erivo’s 31st birthday soirée at 50 UN Plaza when she then made a completely relatable bread-related demand. Per a “spy”:

“She sat first and then she went into the kitchen as Cynthia was changing into her second outfit. She walked in and goes, ‘I need bread.’ They brought it out for her before dinner,” a spy told us.

So glad bread finally got the AWOK.

Let Anna Wintour Eat Carbs