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4 Experts On How They Would Spend $60 at Sephora

Imagine having a makeup artist as your personal guide at Sephora – someone full of insider secrets, who could guide you away from the orange self-tanners and straight to the best highlighters. For the next best thing, we asked four celebrity and editorial makeup artists to tell us what they would buy at Sephora with $60. Between them, they’ve worked on hundreds of Vogue covers and stars ranging from Taylor Swift to Emma Stone. Here are their takes on the greatest matte liquid lipstick, undereye concealer, brow gel, and more.

Christian McCulloch, celebrity and editorial makeup artist

With a concealer, you always want the same things: coverage, brightness, luminosity, no dryness, no greasiness, and the ability to stay put for more than five minutes. This concealer has all of them. Emma Stone loves it, especially for the undereye area.

Rihanna’s lipstick offers great shade choices, from neutrals to super-cool bold options. It also hits the mark on the current desired lip texture — it’s creamy, smooth, and velvet yet matte. And it doesn’t require enormous precision to glide on. I like using it on models and actresses alike.

I love affordable yet high-quality skin care. This moisturizer absorbs really nicely before concealer and before putting on a lipstick. The face wash is also awesome.

Benjamin Puckey, celebrity and editorial makeup artist

I love brushed up brows, and my favorite clear brow gel is Anastasia’s because it has a great hold. I always finish off brows with brow gel to hold them in place or brush them up for the full “Brooke Shields” effect.

I found out about this house-brand lipstick through the assistant of a hairstylist I was working with, who came to set with the most gorgeous matte red lips. Of course, I had to go out and buy it. I used the beautiful blue-based red on this shoot for Vogue China.

This is a highlighter in a universal shade of champagne that I love to use for a beautiful glow. I used it on the model Grace Elizabeth by applying it to the bridge of her nose and cheekbones.

The super fine-tipped liner pen is an amazing value when you use as much liner as I do. I love the precision tip for a perfectly pointed wing. I used it on a ’60s-inspired photo shoot for Vanity Fair France where the eye designs were very precise.

Sil Bruinsma, celebrity and editorial makeup artist

Before painting on a showstopper red lip, make sure you have exfoliated and moisturized your lips. I use this and Aquaphor Lip Repair in tandem and regularly. Gently buff your lips with the scrub and then moisturize so that your lipstick goes on smoothly and isn’t patchy.

This is a super saturated lip pigment that glides on smoothly, stays on all day, and will give you glamorous, velvety lips without making them look like sandpaper. Starwoman is a gorgeous red with blue undertones. It looks great on practically any skin tone. If you are very olive, you may be better off with a red that has a bit more orange like Russian Red by M.A.C. Should you prefer a glossy lip, you can add lip gloss on top. Unlike regular lipstick, it won’t transfer as quickly.

Yuki Hayashi, celebrity and editorial makeup artist

I used this on Irina Shayk for a Vogue Mexico cover shoot. The color is super jet black — a real black that doesn’t read as gray, and has a matte finish. It stays well and doesn’t get clumpy. We didn’t need to reapply or retouch often. Since it dries quickly, I recommend using this pencil for when you’re tightlining.

I used this bronzer on the same shoot. It creates a natural-looking glow that warms and sculpts. Also, the color is great because it doesn’t have weird redness. I recommend applying this product with a big fluffy brush to create natural looking tan skin.

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4 Experts on How They Would Spend $60 at Sephora