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This Beauty Brand Is Making Their Products Cheaper Just Because They Can

NIOD, the sister brand to the much-loved the Ordinary, announced yesterday that they will be reducing the price of one of their cult products, forever. Deciem (the umbrella company of NIOD and the Ordinary) CEO Brandon Truaxe announced the news yesterday on Instagram, explaining that better supplier relations has enabled the company to make their Ethylated L-Abscorbic Acid serum (a vitamin C serum) 40 percent ($24) cheaper.

“We are now able to buy high amounts of [ethylated l-absorbic acid] EAA for a much lower price and, as of immediately, have reduced the retail prices of ELAN to C$45 / US$42 / AU$70 and C25 to C$29 / US$27 / AU$43,” explained Truaxe, of the unusual decision to pass the savings back to the consumer. In addition, the brand whose tagline is “clinical formulations with integrity”added that they will donate a multiple of the price difference from all product purchased for the last three months to a charity for child hunger. Almost 2,000 positive comments rolled in for the post (some asking how to use their The Ordinary products). Pizza and ClassPass may be getting more and more expensive but vitamin C serum doesn’t have to.

The Beauty Brand Is Making Their Products Cheaper