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Chriselle Lim’s Travel Beauty Secrets

Photo: Courtesy of Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is what brands call a “super influencer.” Millions of people follow her through her blog, The Chriselle Factor, her Instagram, and her YouTube account. She once drove $15,000 in sales in a single day by posting about a pair of jeans in her Instagram stories, and WWD reports that she turned down a million-dollar contract with a beauty brand because she didn’t think it was the right fit.

Lim, who recently launched her own content production company, CINC Studios, travels frequently for work and has whittled her beauty routine down to only what she considers the necessities. While traveling to Shanghai a few weeks ago, she explained her beauty routine to the Cut.

My approach to skin care when I’m traveling is hydration, hydration, hydration. Traveling is the most dehydrating thing for your skin, and it can age it, too. I bring a bit of everything when it comes to skin care just because you don’t know how your skin will react when it gets to the final destination. I try to keep it consistent with what I do when I’m back home so I don’t break out all of a sudden. In addition to drinking more water than usual (because internally, you need to stay hydrated too), here’s my travel routine.

The Cleanser

Cleansing is so important as it’s a sin to sleep with any makeup on! I usually wear a lot of makeup during the day if I’m shooting, so I always bring an oil cleanser with me so I can double cleanse every night. My favorite oil cleanser over the years is Shu Uemera. It’s really hard to get your hands on the Shu Uemera Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil in the States so whenever I go to Asia I stock up. It also gets all that stubborn waterproof eye makeup off.


After I’m done cleansing, depending on the state of my skin I will go in with a mask. I have pretty sensitive skin so I will go in with a clay mask such as the Revive Purifying Clay Mask to detox the skin. These clay masks are very effective at de-clogging, so afterwards, I will add a second mask to hydrate.

Face Spray and Toner

After my masks, I will start off with a face spray such as the one from Vichy to bring the moisture back and then go in with a toner. I really love the Younger + Clearer Clarifying Toner from Honest Beauty. I have slightly oily/combination skin so this toner helps me keep a clear complexion.

Jessica Alba said that the Younger + Clearer line is perfect for women who are “too old for acne, but too young for wrinkles” and that’s exactly me! I’ve been using this toner ever since I got my hands on it and I really love applying it on before my serums and moisturizer. It helps me keep my skin clear (pimple-free) but also conditions and hydrates it all at the same time. There is witch hazel and apple extract in it.


Then I go in with my serums which I think is one of the most important part of a skin-care routine. Serums can add elasticity back to your skin. I am obsessed with the Capture Youth Serums from Dior. I use the Glow Booster and Matte Maximizer before applying my makeup, but in the evening, I will use the Plump filler and Lift Sculptor Serum.


Then comes one of my favorite moisturizers which is from Sunday Riley called Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I’ve used this guy to the end and I’m pretty much out of it! It’s a really lightweight water gel cream that instantly replenishes your skin with hydration and has two forms of hyaluronic acid so your skin looks extra bright and plump. This is especially important while I’m traveling. Heavier creams don’t work well with my oily skin type so this cream is great.

Eye Cream

The Dr. Dennis Gross eye cream really brightens and deputes my under eye. I have dark circles so I’m constantly looking for anything that will lighten them up. I actually just started using this eye cream but had to give them the love because I immediately noticed an instant brightness.


I usually do my own hair when I’m traveling. I never ever leave the house without my GHD straightener which straightens my coarse and slightly curly hair within minutes.

I also love the Ouai Volume Hair Spray to add that extra lift to my hair since my hair tends to get flat easily. This is a must!

For moisture, Nuxe Oil is one of my faves as I can use it as a body oil as well. It’s such a effortless product and it makes the biggest difference. I have naturally dry hair so I always have to add a little oil to the ends of my hair to make it look healthy.

I also bring a texture clay (Moroccan Oil Texture Clay) with me as I have a lot of baby hairs and they drive me crazy sometimes. When I pull my hair back and into my top knot bun that usually will tame my baby hairs.

Photo: Courtesy of Chriselle Lim

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