The Democrats’ Mean Girls Joke Falls Embarrassingly Flat

Can the Democrats pull it together enough to take back the House and Senate in 2018 and beat Trump in 2020? Only time will tell. For now, they’re going hard on their strategy of … posting terrible memes.

In advance of the president’s trip to Camp David over the weekend, the Democrats’ official Twitter account sent out a doctored cover of the Mean Girls DVD featuring Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell to their 1.4 million followers. The tagline? “Burning each other while they burn the American people.” (The original movie tagline is “Watch Your Back.”) They also rated it an “F” for “Failure to Govern.”

Much like their other attempts at making culturally relevant jokes — like “Trumpublican Taxplan” written in the Stranger Things font for some reason — it fell flat. Not because we don’t all appreciate the beloved 2004 cinematic classic that is Mean Girls, but because it’s an embarrassing attempt at relevance and was perceived as both a waste of time and money:

Don’t worry guys, maybe whatever Sopranos collage you’re workshopping is going to be the one that sticks.

The Democrats’ Mean Girls Joke Falls Embarrassingly Flat