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5 Popular Products From the Internet’s Largest Beauty Store

Dermstore, the digital Mall of America for beauty, attracts millions of shoppers a year with its frequent sales. Just last weekend the site released a list of its five most popular products in 2017. Follow along to find out which serums, creams, and tools came out on top.

The Best Oil Cleanser

This Japanese import is credited with kicking off the “double cleansing” craze stateside. The olive oil-based formula melts waterproof makeup in a flash, and it never dries out skin.

The Best Sunscreen

Hyaluronic acid amplifies this lightweight sunscreen so that it moisturizes while blocking harmful sun rays. It also dries clear, instead of a chalky white.

The Best Blowdryer

Named “the best new hair dryer” by the Cut’s beauty director, Harry Josh’s petite machine is so powerful that you might not need a brush for smooth hair. Even better, it’s so quiet that you can actually carry on a conversation while the dryer’s in use.

The Best Serum

Microscopic pieces of human tissue known as “fibroblast growth factors” fuel this skin-softening and smoothing serum. It may sound like a work of science fiction (or just gross), but scientific studies agree that the human goop softens the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation, in addition to supporting collagen growth.

The Best Smooth-Skin Treatment

The Twittersphere’s favorite serum (seriously, search “Sunday Riley Good Genes”) happens to be a favorite at Dermstore, too. The treatment’s lactic acid is a gentler alternative to glycolic acid, and it delivers results worthy of the product’s name.

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The Most Popular Products From a Giant Internet Beauty Store