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Please, Do Not Make ‘Snow Cream’ Out of New York City Snow

Photo: Tetra Images/Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed or heard, much of the northeastern United States is currently being hit by a “bomb cyclone.” As New Yorkers deal with a blizzard that makes day-to-day commuting a harrowing trek through a slushy hellscape, one local outlet offers a suggestion: make snow cream! To this, we humbly offer an alternative: don’t friggin’ eat New York City snow.

NBC New York posted the recipe for “snow cream,” which involves collecting snow, mixing in sugar, vanilla extract, and milk, then eating said mixture. For those unfamiliar, New York snow is pristine and beautiful for about ten seconds before it turns into a sludgy mess or gets covered in dog piss. (And then the sludge gets covered in dog piss. Love this town!) Even if you collect the snow in a bowl as it falls, scientists found that falling snow soaks up pollutants in the air. You might as well be making a slushy out of raw water.

Instead, just partake in the standard, tried-and-true snow day activities: stay inside, hide in a turtleneck, and complain until you can’t complain anymore.

Please, Do Not Make ‘Snow Cream’ Out of New York City Snow