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Elon Musk Says He Didn’t Know the Sex Party He Went to Was a Sex Party

Elon Musk. Photo: Mark Brake/Getty Images

Elon Musk is a billionaire CEO, visionary innovator, and frequently described as a “genius.” He’s also apparently someone who doesn’t realize he’s at a sex party when he’s at a sex party.

The party in question was described in Brotopia, Emily Chang’s new book on Silicon Valley’s toxic masculinity. After an excerpt went viral, entrepreneur Paul Biggar wrote a blog post claiming that he saw Musk there. A spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that Musk was present, though he thought it was “a corporate party with a costume theme”:

“Elon was at the party for a couple hours and left around 1am after talking with several DFJ-funded entrepreneurs about technology and building companies. His impression was that it was a corporate party with a costume theme, not a ‘sex party’, and there was no indication that it would become one after he left.”

Ah, yes, a classic night out: talking about “technology and building companies,” then heading home early.

Elon Musk Says He Didn’t Realize He Was at a Sex Party