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Guess Which Finger Got Halle Berry Through 2017

Halle Berry. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

2017 was quite the roller-coaster ride — well, if roller coasters were only that part where your stomach jumps into your esophagus, and you are convinced you will crash into the ground, and then at some point, someone was like, “Hey, we might be entering a nuclear war with North Korea and also Tom Petty’s dead,” and you’re like, “I hate this ride, why didn’t I just do the lazy river?” So, in an Instagram post on January 1, Halle Berry thanked the real star of 2017: her middle finger.

“Dear 2017, you can be a good person with a kind spirit and still tell people to go F*CK themselves when needed. P/S … thank you middle finger for always standing up for me!” she wrote beneath a picture of her flipping the bird while wearing an extremely tough-looking ring made entirely of nails.

Though Berry could have been referencing any number of events that took place in the last year, the Huffington Post notes that she reportedly broke up with British music producer Alex da Kid last month.

We can’t wait to see which digit will emerge as the most prominent finger of 2018.

Guess Which Finger Got Halle Berry Through 2017