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Hoda Kotb Will Reportedly Make Millions Less Than Matt Lauer

Hoda Kotb. Photo: Andrew Toth / Stringer/2016 Getty Images

Hoda Kotb is officially replacing Matt Lauer as the co-host of the Today show with Savannah Guthrie, but reportedly will make millions less than her disgraced predecessor. According to “Page Six,” sources at NBC say that Kotb will be making an impressive $7 million a year. However, Lauer made $25 million a year before he was fired for sexual-misconduct claims in November.

The source told “Page Six” that while Kotb has a great gig (and salary), “the figures underline the huge wage disparity at NBC News.” “Page Six” reported that Megyn Kelly (also at NBC) could be making up to $20 million a year, and Forbes estimated last year that the highest-paid female news anchor was Robin Roberts, with a salary of $18 million a year at ABC’s Good Morning America. Still, that’s $7 million (or a full year of Kotb’s salary) less than Matt Lauer.

Hoda Kotb Will Reportedly Make Millions Less Than Lauer Did