One of Justin Timberlake’s New Tracks Is Simply Called ‘Flannel’

Justin Timberlake Photo: Getty Images

Of all the surprises 2018 has already brought with it, one thing we could never have anticipated was the arrival of Country Justin Timberlake. (It seems like just yesterday that we were coming to terms with Trolls Justin Timberlake.) A few days after announcing a new back-to-his-roots album called Man of the Woods, Timberlake has released both the first single/video (“Filthy,” decidedly not country) and a track list, including songs with titles like “Montana,” “Livin’ off the Land,” and a song titled simply “Flannel.”

That’s right. It’s 2018, and the man who once Brought Sexy Back is now Bringing Flannel Back. Do you feel old yet?

One of Justin Timberlake’s New Tracks Is Called ‘Flannel’