Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 1

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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There is a full moon in Cancer today, the first day of the year. Remember, even now, it’s still possible to care for the world, and to be cared for by it. If you notice some sudden piercing insight, how will you follow this knowledge into the days ahead?

Aries: Before you make your next big move, before you set your course, before you call upon all your powerful magic, give yourself a moment to feel. Acknowledge the heaviness in your limbs, or the pressure inside your head, or the sorrow when you think of somebody you miss. If your feelings make it difficult to move today, it’s okay. This won’t be your only chance.

Taurus: Sometimes growth is a result of your own hard work, and sometimes it’s something you didn’t get to choose, the effect of some trial, some struggle you endured. You don’t have to mourn for the way you used to be. Your body has experienced pain, but it’s felt sweetness, too. Don’t wish this difficult knowledge away.

Gemini: You’re allowed to change your mind, and then you’re allowed to change it again. You’re allowed to dream many dreams at once. In the days ahead, some part of your life that once looked gray might suddenly, like a sunrise, turn pink. In the days ahead, some poisonous force inside you might suddenly lose its power.

Cancer: Remind yourself that the language you know is as real as any other; the wisdom your body holds is solid and true. Your job in the days ahead isn’t to change your shape and become some utterly new kind of person. Instead, it’s to give voice to the tenderness you already feel, or to speak the truths you already know, or to help the courage inside you grow stronger.

Leo: If your heart feels unbearably full, if your emotions seem overpowering, remember that they won’t always be this way. Some days will be dull, and some simple, and some so full of activity that there will hardly be room for anything else. But if your heart is full right now, try to remember what this feels like. Try to store all this tenderness away for later. It can guide you when you need it again.

Virgo: It’s easy, sometimes, to focus on the way desire feels in your body — the electric heat on your skin, or your quickening heartbeat. This kind of yearning can be sweet, a quiet gift of its own. Just wanting something this much can change you. If you can make yourself vulnerable enough to want something incredible, then you can make yourself brave, too.

Libra: You might feel some kind of pressure today to crack all your feelings open, to find some immediate, elegant solution to the puzzle of being a person. And maybe this week can offer you a chance to change your whole life, but it won’t be the only chance. Your wisdom is deeper than you realize, and sometimes it reveals itself slowly.

Scorpio: The earth outside might be frozen and hard, the wind blowing through your jacket. You’re tough and you’re wise, and you know how to survive, but it’s important not to forget what else there is in the world. You can nurture your love through the winter, until the sun grows strong again. You can nurture your goodness through dry seasons and floods. Don’t plan your whole life around hardship or scarcity. You’re allowed your joy, too.

Sagittarius: The feelings that are heaviest in your heart right now aren’t the forces that will rule you forever. The course you’re on wasn’t inevitable, and it isn’t inescapable. Your feelings might be powerful, they might shine like a beacon or work like a spell, but your legs are strong too, and so is your heart. There are so many ways forward from here.

Capricorn: You’ve been working hard out in the world, and you’ve been working hard inside yourself, too. It’s easy to feel all the ways the world shapes and moves you, and harder to see what your own work means. This week, take a moment to recognize how hard you’ve been trying. None of your efforts have been in vain; you’ve set something good into motion. What will you do when it arrives?

Aquarius: There will be moments when it feels like the edges of your life are shrinking, and there will be moments when it feels like there’s not enough space to breathe. You don’t have to accept a life too small to fit you, but you don’t have to abandon your whole world, either. You have the power to choose which rules you’ll follow and which you’ll flout.

Pisces: It can be hard to shake the feeling that there’s something you should be doing, something grand and brave and good, something bright enough to make your whole life glow. It can be hard not to look for natural beginnings and ends — a clearly marked trail leading into the dark, quiet forest, or a wide empty highway marking your way across the plains. But you can make a change whenever you need one. The moon grows bright, then dark, and then bright again.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 1