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Milk Makeup’s Best-Selling Product Is Getting Even Better

Photo: Milk Makeup

Millennials’ favorite beauty brand Milk Makeup will release new additions to their best-selling Blur Stick next week. The brand, which designs most of its products for on-the-go use (a.k.a. partying use), has created a new primer stick that Sephora reviewers praise for its ability to minimize the look of pores and make skin appear filtered.

Milk’s new Luminous Blur Stick is a primer intended to give the effect of “luminous matte skin.” Did you think that sounds like an oxymoron much like sugarless ice cream and no-makeup makeup? You’d be correct. The brand describes the product’s mysterious effect as a “golden pearl-infused formula leaves skin glowing while blurring microspheres absorb oil and mattify.” Like the original formula, it’s silicone and oil free. Milk advises that you apply it after moisturizing, as you would any primer, and let the blurring effect convince you to forgo foundation.

If the idea of luminous-yet-mysteriously-matte-yet-blurry-yet-poreless-yet-oil-free skin appeals to you, the Luminous Blur Stick is available for preorder on Milk’s website and will be released on January 23 at Sephora.

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Milk Makeup’s Best-Selling Product Is Getting Even Better