The Most Instagrammable Museum Is Facing $5,000 in Environmental Fines

Museum of Ice Cream in San Fransisco. Photo: Kelly Sullivan / Stringer/2017 Getty Images

The pastel playground known as the Museum of Ice Cream is undoubtably one of the most popular Instagram props. The main attraction, the sprinkle pool, is now facing more environmental fines. The museum previously faced fines in California, but the scandal is now moving over to Miami, where they have been changed with $5,000 in fines. Why? Because people leave the pool with plastic sprinkles still attached to their outfits, which can then be consumed by birds and marine life.

In October, when the sprinkle scandal hit California, the museum told TMZ it was working on fixes such as biodegradable sprinkles and encouraging patrons to “double-shake” before leaving the premises. Now, they told “Page Six” they’re “spending thousands of dollars to … clean the streets and a mile around the building. The team is working around the clock.” The fines are a massive blow to the rainbow pool, which had previously been endorsed by Beyoncé herself.

Museum of Ice Cream Facing $5,000 in Environmental Fines