Women Shatter Glass Ceiling of … KFC Mascots

Madame Sanders. Photo: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM

Good news, women of America: word comes that there’s been a major breakthrough in the arena of … uh … fast-food mascots. Yes, KFC has announced their first female Colonel Sanders: Reba McEntire.

Darrell Hammond, Billy Zane, and Rob Lowe have all played the role in the past, and McEntire is taking over from Ray Liotta. “Oh please ignore any likeness of famous country singers,” she sings in the first ad released by the company. “I’m definitely not a woman.”

Existing female fast-food mascots include Wendy of Wendy’s and Birdie of McDonald’s. (Grimace is genderless.)

Women Shatter Glass Ceiling of … KFC Mascots