Saturday Night Live’s ‘Drunk Boyfriend’ Is the Only Life-Size Doll You Need

Saturday Night Live has finally created a more realistic version of a sex doll. Introducing Drunk Boyfriend™, 150 pounds of dead weight that makes tipsy declarations like, “I think I’m going to take piano lessons,” and, “I’m gonna call my boss and quit.” We’ve all been there: You’re at the bar with your best friend and her sloshed boyfriend, and you start missing your man, who’s traveling for work or visiting his family or simply getting drunk in another country. While Drunk Boyfriend’s body may not give off heat, he’ll cry over a dead relative he’s never before mentioned and pee in your hamper in the middle of the night, making you forget that your real man ever left.

SNL’s ‘Drunk Boyfriend’ Is the Most Realistic Life-Size Doll