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Something’s Weird About This Jake Tapper Panel

Kirsten Powers, Kristen Soltis Anderson, and Alice Stewart. Photo: CNN

They tell you to wear color on TV, which is why, when you look closely, you’ll notice that sports anchors are actually wearing lavender button-downs under those royal-blue ties. (Pure white makes you look like you’re glowing, and you get lost onscreen in black.)

So really, that only leaves purple, blue, yellow, green, pink, and red. (Polka dots are also discouraged.) Which is to say, the odds are pretty good that if you’re going to quickly pop by an afternoon news show to opine on the latest bomb to shell the Trump administration, you might show up in the same slimming sheath as your co-pundits.

At least that’s what happened on The Lead With Jake Tapper today. Tapper’s three guests, USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers, Washington Examiner columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson, and former Ted Cruz communications director Alice Stewart all showed up in ruby-red sheath dresses.

But on cable news, being what it is, the show must go on. So before digging into the likelihood that Trump will actually sue Steve Bannon for his biting comments in Michael Wolff’s explosive new book, Kirsten Powers addressed the obvious tweet in the room.

“Just because we’re all wearing the same outfit, it doesn’t mean we’ll agree on everything,” Powers said, as her colleagues and Tapper chuckled.

But, in the end, the panel did all decide, after seven minutes of TV news analysis, that no, President Trump probably wouldn’t be following through on his threat to sue Bannon. This was just another baloney-filled day in the Trump White House.

Something’s Weird About This Jake Tapper Panel