Spouses of Two Late Memoirists Who Wrote Books About Dying Are Now a Couple

If there was ever a love story worthy of a movie treatment, this is one of them.

The Washington Post reports that a widow and widower — both of whom have late spouses who wrote popular memoirs about dying young — are now in a relationship with each other.

Lucy Kalanithi’s late husband, Paul Kalanathi, passed away from lung cancer at the age of 37 in 2015. His acclaimed memoir about his last years, When Breath Becomes Air, came out the following year. John Duberstein’s late wife, Nina Riggs, died in early 2017 from breast cancer. Her memoir about that ordeal, The Bright Hour, came out later that year.

When Nina was still alive, she was in touch with Lucy and urged her husband to contact her too. He did, after his wife’s death, and over the next few months, they exchanged hundreds of emails, finding solace with each other. Lucy and John also “gossiped about the private Facebook group, Hot Young Widows, and shared poetry.”

The pair finally met in person in April, and told friends and family about their relationship at the end of the summer.

You can read the full story here.

Spouses of Late Memoirists Are Now a Couple