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Could This Be the Next Fyre Festival?

Fyre Fest 2017. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/WNFIV

Unsuspecting, wealthy millennials who spent thousands of dollars to attend Fyre Fest last year — the disastrous “luxury music festival” organized in part by Ja Rule — might have a chance to get swindled again. According to Vice News, since December, several Fyre Fest attendees have been receiving emails from a company called NYC VIP Access, with shady offers for exclusive events like a dinner with LeBron James, and the 2018 Met Gala.

One of the latest offers, sent in an email on January 17, was for tickets to the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and after-party, even though the date and location of the show are not usually announced until August.

In the email, NYC VIP Access’s Frank Tribble claimed “A few of the models gave us their ticket allotment, so we are excited to offer them to you.” As Vice points out though, auditions for the fall show typically start in August and can last until right before the show, so it’s unclear how models would be confirmed to walk already, let alone giving up their ticket allotment. What’s more, even if you do spend the $1,500 for the tickets, you can’t pick them up until the day of the show.

Tribble told Vice that NYC VIP Access was founded by “a couple hip-hop managers and their artists, top artists that have all combined and taken their connections and kind of all came together to see what they could do.” He would not say who the hip-hop managers or top artists were, but said that no one from Fyre Festival was involved.

Will people be duped again? Only time will tell how many monied young influencers show up outside the doors of the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, insisting their friend Frank cut them a deal.

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Could This Be the Next Fyre Festival?