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Newspaper Front Pages Sure Aren’t Holding Back on the Bannon/Trump Feud

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump
Friends no more. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/NYDailyNews

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump have now entered the fighting arena, spewing insults at one another after several outlets (including this one) published scoops from Michael Wolff’s upcoming book about Trump’s election and first year in office. Between Bannon and Trump’s references to “treasonous” meetings and accusations of losing one’s mind, it appears that the two are officially enemies, and they’re battling it out on the covers of New York daily newspapers.

The front page of today’s New York Post takes the two back to Ancient Rome, where Trump and Bannon become Julius Caesar and Brutus, respectively. In a play on a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the cover reads, “Et tu, Bannon?” A reference to a classic narrative of betrayal — very nice.

While the Post cover goes for wittiness, the New York Daily News tries something a little more daring. On their cover, the newspaper turns the two big boys into chickens — or roosters, which also go by the fun name, cocks — and superimposes their feathery bodies in front of the White House. Wings out and claws in attack-mode, the two are physically poultry but the Daily News deems them “cucks,” a beloved insult the alt-right likes to toss around to own effeminate libs.

Wolff’s book isn’t even out yet, but Bannon is already walking back his comments. On Wednesday night, he told a Breitbart News Siriux XM radio show that he believes Trump is a “great man” and he still supports him “day in and day out.”

Trump and Bannon Battle It Out on Covers of NYC Newspapers