Vogue, Off White Foray Into Snowboarding Gear

In a series of unlikely Vogue collabs, here’s one more: the publication partnered with Off White and Burton to create a capsule collection of stylish snowboarding clothes. Off White, the über-hip streetwear label led by Virgil Abloh, is leaning into its wider commercial appeal by making ski clothes for those who want to slide down a mountain while wearing a Vogue logo. So, okay, maybe it’s still niche.

The selection features overalls in red and tan, winter jackets with intricate Velcro arrangements, and embroidered white long johns that look quite toasty.

Burton founder Jake Burton Carpenter told Vogue that the philosophy behind the collaboration was “Just mash it up and roll it out!” Abloh had a slightly more nuanced approach, saying the accessibility was representative of a new kind of luxury. “I consider it a modernized idea of what couture is,” Abloh said. “Not in the craft, but the youth. Using the client as the muse.” Vogue’s executive accessories director (and life-long snowboarder) Selby Drummond oversaw the capsule collection from their side.

The collection ranges from $50 for the Selby hood to $1,499.95 for the Selby systems jacket. Check out the collection below; they’ll be available online today.

Off White Launches Snowboarding Gear