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Lisa Vanderpump Is Not the California Governor We Need But She Is the One We Deserve

Lisa Vanderpump. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail

Earlier this week, Oprah shut down running for president in 2020, telling In Style “I don’t have the DNA for it.” It was a sad day for everyone, especially Donald Trump and the guy who trademarked “NOprah.” But on Friday the New York Times teased the possibility of another reality TV star running for office: Lisa Vanderpump for Governor of California. Via the Times:

With the gap between reality TV and politics forever closed, Ms. Vanderpump even teased a run for office, possibly as governor of California.

“Could you imagine me? I’d love it,” she said, laughing. However, she did have one concern. “Would I be a governess? Because I’m British, and that’s like an old nanny.”

Vanderpump’s experience includes starting drama with other Beverly Hills socialites on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and producing Vanderpump Rules, the reality show about the extremely fit, angry, and inebriated staff at her restaurant SUR, which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant — positions that require lots of careful diplomacy and political maneuvering.

Despite this extensive experience, Vanderpump doesn’t seem that serious about her gubernatorial run. That’s fine — she always seemed like more of a monarch anyway.

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