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8 Pairs of Heels to Make You Look Like an Influencer

Certain trends just explode out of nowhere, but V-cut shoes were a slow burn. The pointy, vampy heels arguably entered the mainstream fashion scene with Céline’s babouche-inspired shoes for resort 2016. But in the two years since, they’ve slowly been infiltrating every influencer’s closet until all ‘gram-worthy shoes, it seems, have sharp toes and a V deeper than Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 Grammys look. So for 2018, throw out the D’Orsays, the booties, and the open-toe pumps and put on a pair of V-cut heels. Shop our eight favorites below.

The Classic

This is how you spice up a nude heel.

The Best Block Heel

The best of both worlds — a walkable block heel in a attention-grabbing color.

The Work Heel

A sensible heel in a classic burgundy leather finish is perfect for any office.

The Spring-y Option

Cure the six-more-weeks-of-winter blues with these mossy heels.

The Bootie Option

If you just can’t deal with pumps.

The Casual Kitten Heel

It’s a scoop-neck instead of a plunging V.

The Fancy Kitten Heel

Pair with jeans so you don’t look like you’re heading to a night at the opera.

The Trend Piece

Photo: afront

With their kitten heel, V-cut, and white finish, these shoes embody three trends at once.

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8 Pairs of Heels to Make You Look Like an Influencer