Let’s Take a Moment to Thank the Babies of the Super Bowl

Lily and Nick Foles. Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Of all the reasons to watch the Super Bowl when you don’t really care about football — Gisele drinking wine, Justin Timberlake’s outfit — the most compelling this year were the babies. Specifically, babies wearing bows.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’s daughter, Lily, stole the post-game show with her “Foles” denim jacket, pink sound-proof earmuffs, and green bow. She had no idea what was going on, but looked fantastic.

Babies watching from home were equally cute. Noted Eagles superfan and NY1 traffic reporter Jamie Stelter credited her daughter, Sunny, for the outcome of the game. Sunny was also wearing a white bow (a good luck charm perhaps?).

All Eagles fans, old and newborn, were equally invested in the game.

Then there were the babies that weren’t Eagles fans (that we know of). Kerry Washington inspired babies via voice-over in a T-Mobile commercial. So many babies! No bows, though.

And, of course, there was the baby that upstaged the Super Bowl — or at least attempted to. Baby Jenner, welcome to the world.

(h/t Sierra Tishgart)

Let’s Take a Moment to Thank the Babies of the Super Bowl