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Charlotte Tilbury Calls her New Product ‘J.Lo in a Bottle’

Charlotte Tilbury just launched a new product that will help you get the same enviable glow that Jennifer Lopez has exuded for two decades. The Hollywood Flawless Filter is Tilbury’s latest complexion product, and it promises to make skin as perfectly flawless as all those Instagram filters do. Actress Mandy Moore and director Greta Gerwig both wore it at the Golden Globes.

At first glance, the single-digit shade range (seven total) looks minimal, but this isn’t quite the same thing as a foundation. Instead, the product acts a “complexion booster,” meant to blend in with different skin tones to create a flattering, smoothing effect to skin. Of course, you should still choose the shade that’s closest to your skin.

“My secret recipe has been used to give a filter to the celebrities’ complexions on the red carpet before the camera tricks for over 25 years,” Tilbury said in a press release. The Hollywood Flawless Filter was inspired by how filters use lighting and shadows to create the illusion of a sculpted, radiant face. It combines the blurring benefits of airbrush polymers, moisturizing glossy oil that reflects light, softening and smoothing fine powders, and porcelain flower extract — which allegedly brightens and protects. The dewy filter is designed to be worn alone, under foundation, mixed in with foundation, or on top of foundation like a highlighter for added luminosity.

The Hollywood Flawless Filter is available now.

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Charlotte Tilbury Calls her New Product ‘J.Lo in a Bottle’