Watch Dakota Fanning’s Directorial Debut for Miu Miu


Dakota Fanning’s directorial debut as part of Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales series will make you want to relive your 20s — more specifically, it’ll make you want to go back to your first apartment. While the last video featured in the series was a chic, apocalyptic scenario, Fanning went a more intimate route. The short film, titled Hello Apartment, is written by Liz Hannah (co-writer of The Post) and stars Eve Hewson.

Hello Apartment follows a young woman’s relationship with her apartment, from the first time she entered it, to fights with her boyfriend, to revisiting it many years later. Fanning said in a release that it was inspired by “my first home, where I still live. It is a shrine to experiences.” It shows how experiences leave physical marks on the space — a hole in the wall caused by a hammer gone awry, red wine stains on the wall, and scuffs on the floor. The only clearly spoken words in the whole ten-minute clip are “Hello, apartment.” Fanning said at the premiere that was intentional, because it’s supposed to feel like a memory. Well, it feels like a much-better-dressed memory, as Hewson wears all Miu Miu.

“This story was always meant to be a memory recall, and I wanted it to feel as close to experiences we relive in own mind, and that isn’t very word-heavy,” Fanning said. “I have lived in the same place for the last almost seven years and it has seen the best and worst of times for me. I’m also someone who is really nostalgic and sentimental, especially with objects and the memories that are connected to those objects.”

Ava DuVernay and Chloë Sevigny have also directed short films for Women’s Tales. Fanning has had a personal relationship with the brand since she was 17 and attended her first fashion show, which was Miu Miu.

“I am just thrilled they let me do one,” she said of the film. “I do want to keep going [with directing], for sure. This was two days of shooting and I think the next thing should be five, then ten. I really want to take time in this process of learning.” Watch the film above.

Watch Dakota Fanning’s Directorial Debut for Miu Miu