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Finally, a Tasteful Way to Wear Glitter

Grace Bol’s beauty look for Oscar de la Renta fall 2018 show.
Grace Bol’s beauty look for Oscar de la Renta fall 2018 show.

Today at Oscar de la Renta, makeup artist Tom Pecheux addressed how an adult might tastefully wear glitter. The trick is easy: embrace your messy side.

Inspired by “British gardens,” Pecheux and his team applied a wash of cream color across the eyelids first, in this case M.A.C’s Sheerberry, which is not yet available for retail (this lavender shade is a good substitute). He then patted Pink Trip in the center of the lid and used the gloss’s tackiness to adhere large pieces of glitter. He applied the glitter in the lower lash line, too, as a way to preempt loose glitter that would inevitably stray. “People always try to make the glitter stay in one place, and it doesn’t work,” Pecheux said. “Better to make it falling glitter.”

Beauty look for the Oscar de la Renta fall 2018 show.

The result was a Kirakira playground. The glitter reflected a kaleidoscope of colors — orange, pink, and green — and yet it wasn’t overwhelming. This was tasteful glitter for adults.

Grace Bol’s beauty look for Oscar de la Renta Fall 2018 show.

Orlando Pita helmed the show’s hair. Most models were styled to wear their hair straight and parted down the middle. Those with curly hair kept their curls. And as far as extensions? Forget about them. “The era of extensions is over,” Pita said. “At least in fashion. It makes everyone look the same. Thank god all of that is gone.”

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