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An Easy Saturday Night Eyeliner Look

When it comes to eyeliner, you don’t have to color inside the lines. At Jason Wu’s Fall 2018 show, makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver demonstrated a floating eyeliner look that you could wear out this very weekend. Using a black gel eyeliner (it has more lasting power) with a very skinny tip and an eyeshadow, he created a two-color stripe look.

Models like Bella Hadid got two slim lines of black (in this case, Maybelline’s Eyestudio Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil) and either yellow or pink curving over the front of the eye and stopping midway. The key is to draw the line above the crease of the eyelid, adding dimension to the eye without the need for eyeshadow. De Kluyver added liner extending from the lower lashline to anchor the look.

If you want yellow eyeliner and don’t have it, DIY as De Kluyver did. You don’t even need a Pinterest tutorial to do it. “Use a white eyeliner pencil first, and then dip a brush into the eyeshadow color you want and go over the line,” he advised. (The yellow comes from Maybelline’s new Lemon Craze Eyeshadow Palette). The contrast of textures also makes the pigment last longer.

If you have a highlighter that you want to look less Instagram bling-y and more natural, De Kluyver recommends mixing it up again. He blended lip balm (Maybelline’s Baby Lips) with chunks of highlighter (Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Rose Gold) to create a soft luminizer, with a similar sheen as RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer.

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An Easy Saturday Night Eyeliner Look