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Kim Jong-un’s Sister Seemed Really Excited to Be at the Olympics

Vice-President Mike Pence and North Korea’s Kim Yo-Jong. Photo: @BBS

NBC aired its broadcast of the opening night of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. And when cameras cut to North Korean leader Kim Jung-un’s sister and representative, Kim Yo-jong – she seemed to be having a lot of feelings.

Kim is one of the most powerful women in North Korea, and her presence marked a historic moment in diplomatic relations between North and South Korea. Her trip was also the first time a member of the Kim family has traveled to South Korea since the Korean war.

The Associated Press has theorized that the journey was designed to send a “fresher and warmer public image.”

Although Kim did flash occasional smiles, her feelings toward the U.S. and Vice-President Mike Pence were pretty clear. Pence returned the sentiment by avoiding eye contact and refusing to stand for the Korean athletes. Diplomacy!

Kim Jong-un’s Sister Seemed Excited to Be at the Olympics