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Canada’s National Anthem Is Officially Becoming Gender Neutral

Shania Twain. Photo: Mark Horton/Getty Images

The United States is currently being led by a man who hopes a “major event” (like a terrorist attack or natural disaster?) will unite the country. Meanwhile, the Canadian Senate just voted to make its national anthem gender neutral. How polite!

As the Guardian reports, senators passed legislation on Wednesday to change the second line of “O Canada” from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.” All that’s left is the royal assent from the governor general and then, boom, that change becomes law.

Canadian senator Frances Lankin told the Guardian that this has been in the works for over three decades — the House of Commons has already seen 12 different bills introduced to change the gendered language of the English version of the song. (The French version has different lyrics, so it doesn’t include the same line). “This may be small — it’s about two words — but it’s huge in terms of one of our major national symbols,” Lankin said. “It’s inclusivity and I’m proud.”

Can’t wait to hear Shania sing the new version of the song.

Canada’s National Anthem Is Officially Gender Neutral