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SNL’s Anxious Melania Trump Gets Sage Advice from Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy

Saturday Night Live’s Melania Trump, unhappy about having to make a public appearance amid revelations that her husband may have cheated on her with an adult-film star, is struggling to feign happiness before Donald Trump’s State of the Union — she just wishes she could speak to someone “who’s been through this whole mess before.” Luckily, her wish is SNL’s command. Natalie Portman in her Oscar-nominated role from Jackie, Leslie Jones as Michelle Obama, Aidy Bryant as Martha Washington, and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton walk into Melania’s room one-by-one, eager to advise on how to handle a cheating husband to approval ratings to “doing what First Ladies have always done.” While Melania doesn’t take all their suggestions, the First Ladies lift her spirits and send her to the address feeling confident — if only this huddle could’ve happened before the real address.

SNL’s Melania Trump Gets Advice From Former First ladies