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Listen to Charming Kids’ Music From Two Stay-at-Home Dads

Photo: Jenny Hueston

Almost every time I open my computer, lyrics from Little Baby Bum videos — strange and endless versions of classic kids’ songs like “Old MacDonald” and “Three Blind Mice” — blare at me, leftover from when I’ve torn my son away from YouTube the night before. My son is a Little Baby Bum aficionado: He isn’t quite 2 (please don’t talk to me about the AAP recommendation), but every time he sees the LBB logo he runs a finger over that crazy-making star and lovingly mumbles, “Li-el Babee Buh.” Did you know LBB has a horrifying space-themed edition of “Baa Baa Black Sheep”? I hope your answer is no.

Here’s something small and nice to fight the LBB onslaught: an EP of classic kids’ songs from Brooklyn electronic-pop duo Tanlines, who are both currently stay-at-home dads. It’s dreamy and calm and, if you’re lucky, it’ll make your kid feel the same. Last night I played every song for my son while he drank a bottle of milk and carefully ran his fingers over a bit of carpet. When the final song finished, he whispered, “More E-I-O.” For once, I happily complied.

Listen to Charming Kids’ Music by Two Stay-at-Home Dads