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Extra! Extra! Suspected Meatball Thief Caught Red-Sauced

Photo: tom kelley/Getty Images

If you thought we lived in a world where a man could just leave a pot of meatballs in his garage and return to find them intact, a dramatic meatball theft on Monday has proven otherwise. The crime in question occurred in Pennsylvania and not, as you may have thought, in the Strega Nona extended universe.

But police quickly found and arrested the suspect, 48-year-old Leahman Glenn Robert Potter. What ultimately gave him away? He was allegedly absolutely covered in red sauce.

Per the Associated Press:

Police say the victim reported his meatballs missing and told officers at around 2:30 p.m. Monday that he saw Potter standing in front of his house with red sauce on his face and clothes.

Pretty damning! Anything else that might’ve given him away?

The pot was found on the street.

Mamma mia!

In related news, police have yet to release information on whether or not the meatballs were spicy.

Extra! Extra! Suspected Meatball Thief Caught Red-Sauced