Katie Roiphe’s Man Seems to Be Tweeting Angry Responses at Her Critics

Katie Roiphe. Photo: Jason Andrew

On Sunday, Media Twitter let out a collective groan when Harper’s published anti-feminist feminist Katie Roiphe’s much-anticipated/dreaded essay on #MeToo and the Shitty Media Men list. In it, Roiphe suggests that many of the current stories about sexual harassment and assault are overblown and bemoans the attacks she has faced from “Twitter feminists.” The platform, she suggests, lends itself to frenzied hostility and ad hominem insults (in place of the nuanced dialogue she professes to seek).

The piece indeed received ample criticism on Twitter, prompting Tim Nye — Roiphe’s husband, a writer and art dealer — to begin firing off angry tweets.

Nye really loves calling people morons.

And “single cell organism”s.

Some might say there’s a certain irony in reacting to those who have gotten angry at your wife on Twitter (after she wrote something about how people are too angry on Twitter) by getting angry on Twitter. But I guess some of us are just morons.

This post has been updated to reflect that Nye is Roiphe’s husband.

Katie Roiphe’s Man Seems to Be Angrily Tweeting at Critics