How Do We All Feel About Tom Brady Kissing His Son on the Mouth for Like 5 Seconds at a Time

Tom Brady and son Jack. Photo: Tom Vs Time

Here are some things I know about Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots: He plays football. He is married to süpermodel Gisele Bündchen and they cement their love by eating an insanely restrictive diet together. That was pretty much it, until today. Because today, much like Eve eating an apple from the tree of knowledge (can Tom Brady even eat apples?), I have learned something that I cannot unlearn. I have seen something I cannot unsee. And it is Tom Brady kissing his son on the mouth for kind of a long time.

This new knowledge came from a short Facebook documentary that’s making the rounds online. In it, Brady’s 11-year-old son Jack interrupts his dad while he’s getting a massage and asks to check in on his fantasy team. When Brady asks him “What do I get?” Jack plants a kiss right on his dad’s lips. Okay. But it didn’t end there — after Brady says “that was like a peck,” Jack returns for a second, longer kiss.

Just watch it for yourself while I try to Eternal Sunshine this moment from my mind.

In related news, Tom Brady also kisses his father on the lips.

How Do We Feel Tom Brady Kissing His Son on the Mouth