Was Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination a Fraud?

Photo: Getty Images

The Nobel Peace Prize committee has filed a report with Norwegian police over what they suspect was the fraudulent nomination of President Trump, the BBC reports.

“I can say that we have good reason to believe that [the nomination of Mr. Trump] is a fake,” said Nobel Institute Director Olav Njølstad. “The same ‘fake’ nomination probably took place last year too.”

The president was reportedly nominated for the prize by an anonymous American who cited his “ideology of peace by force.”

Nominating candidates for a Nobel Prize is a highly restricted, exclusive process. Nominations must be submitted by January 31, and only academy members, Nobel laureates, university professors, and certain members of parliament can put forth a name.

Njølstad did not provide any further details about the allegedly fraudulent nomination, and it is unclear a) what alerted the committee to the fraud (did someone see Donald Trump’s name next to the word “peace” and say, “Hm, this doesn’t seem right,”) and b) how Norwegian police will go about their investigation.

To be fair, Trump seems like he’d be better suited for the Nobel Prize for Medicine, anyway.

Was Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination a Fraud?