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10 Best Beauty Products From Dermstore’s Massive Skin-Care Sale

It looks like spring has finally sprung, and Dermstore sprung some great news on skin-care enthusiasts — you can save up to 20 percent off Dermstore’s entire site as part of their spring skin-care event. All you need to take advantage of the promotion is the code GLOW18, which will take 20 percent off most items. The sale runs through April 2, and there are plenty of products to stock up on that will give you a healthy complexion, like the potent DDF sulfur mask, a tinted sunscreen made by a beloved R&B star’s mother, and a peel that will reveal fresh and radiant skin.

For Super-Smooth Skin

Lactic acid, which is a specific kind of alpha-hydroxy acid (the same found in Sunday Riley’s Good Genes), is the not-so-secret ingredient in this body lotion. It smoothes the little bumps you might get on your arms and legs (also known as keratosis pilaris), and it is especially effective at softening rough feet. Just make sure to finish with a layer of sunscreen, as the acid increases sun sensitivity.

An at-Home Peel That Really Works

Here’s a gem from the team that quite literally discovered glycolic acid. Exuviance’s weekly exfoliating treatment uses a potent acid concentration to smooth your face, lighten acne scars, and increase skin cell turnover. Translation? It does the work of a professional peel, but at home (and for a lot less).

Frank Ocean–Approved Sunscreen

Katonya Breaux (who happens to be Frank Ocean’s mom) was frustrated when she couldn’t find a skin-tone-flattering sunscreen, so she set out to make her own. Unsun is the result, and though Breaux formulated the sunscreen to blend in with her brown skin, the sunscreen is in fact translucent, so anyone can use it. It dries to a semi-matte finish and bathes your face in light-reflecting pigments.

For Clear Skin

Got pimples? You’re going to need DDF’s sulfur mask, and you’ll also need to hold your nose. The mask’s 10 percent sulfur formula shrinks zits overnight without drying skin. As for the mask’s rotten-egg sulfur stench? That vanishes with a quick rinse.

An Inexpensive Cleanser That Really Works

Cleansers are boring, but CeraVe’s hydrating one is absolutely brilliant. It skips all of the stuff that makes cleansers bad — fragrance, fussy ingredients, and a steep price — and simply cleans your face without stripping it of moisture. And as a bonus, skin-care obsessives should be happy to read that the cleanser is formulated with a low pH.

For Glowy Skin and Selfies

Actress Judy Greer swears that wearing this mask makes it seem like she slept ten hours, even on a red-eye. Created by Hollywood aesthetician Joanna Vargas, whose face-massaging hands basically never stop moving during awards season, this sheet mask contains active ingredients to soothe, de-puff, and hydrate skin.

A Non-Messy Exfoliator

The Cut is a longtime fan of Paula’s Choice, especially her liquid exfoliants. Think of this as a more affordable, less intense version, or dupe, of the legendary P-50, that will brighten skin and effortlessly dissolve dead skin cells without redness or irritation.

A French Pharmacy Favorite

You don’t have to travel to Paris to buy this. In drugstores all across France, this is a sunscreen favorite that won’t break you out and leaves your skin moisturized, silky, and protected with SPF50. This particular version is tinted so you can even skip the BB cream after, but the non-tinted version is also on sale.

The Original Peel

An strong at-home peel that’s become a classic product since it was released decades ago. It was one of the first products to welcome and include what we know now to be essential in skin care — strong face acids — and people still constantly praise for making a huge difference to their skin. Since then, multiple versions in different strengths have come out including those for sensitive skin, but this “Extra Strength” one is the original.

The Moisturizer for Everyone

Yes, this is a pricey product. But in the natural-beauty world, this is considered La Mer. It’s a rich balm that moisturizes and soothes — but impressively, it works for all skin types. Facialist Tammy Fender (who counts Angelica Huston as a client) created a plant-based formula that also treats acne, rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis.

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10 Best Beauty Products From Dermstore’s Huge Skin-Care Sale