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This 89-Year-Old Director Is Our New Style Icon

Agnès Varda at the 2018 Oscars.

When Agnès Varda pulled up to the Oscars wearing a full Gucci silk pajama set, she proved that the much-hyped Italian brand isn’t just for millennials. In fact, she should probably be their new ambassador.

The 89-year-old feminist French director wore her Gucci look to the Academy Awards on Sunday night with more confidence and swagger than any of her younger peers could ever dream of, landing her at the top of our best-dressed list — and with a permanent place in our hearts.

Varda, who has been working in film since 1950s, is currently out and about promoting Faces Places, a documentary film directed by her and the French photographer, JR. The film won the L’Œil d’or award at Cannes, and is up for Best Documentary Feature on Sunday, making Varda the oldest person to be nominated for a non-honorary Academy Award.

The world knows Varda for her directorial abilities, but her style has made headlines only recently. This week at the Indie Spirit awards, for example, the internet took notice of her incredible purple tracksuit, which gave Armie Hammer a run for his money.

Agnès Varda at the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

When she’s not wearing Gucci pajamas and purple tracksuits, Varda loves a good print and a loud color — oftentimes combining the two. Her hair also reflects this, being a dark purple bowl-cut with a silver crown. For accessories, she prefers round, pink-tinted sunglasses and sneakers.

Agnès Varda at a Hollywood luncheon.

Varda has no shame about repeating outfits — she’s more interested in showing off her handbags, anyway, which she’s been known to hold over her head or out in front of her. In addition to her clothes, we love the way she poses in them on the red carpet. It’s part “shrug,” part “jazz hands,” and part “take a bow.”

Agnès Varda at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.
Agnès Varda at the 2009 Caesars French film awards.

Style icons like Tilda Swinton literally bow in Varda’s presence. Game recognize game.

Agnes Varda and actress Tilda Swinton at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

And even when she’s not physically on the red carpet, Varda is still one of the best dressed — a true sign of style. Her partner-in-crime, JR, has been known to tote a life-size cardboard cutout of her as his date.

JR carrying an Agnes Varda cutout to the 2018 Oscars nominee luncheon.

Varda, we love you. We need you. Never change.

This 89-Year-Old Director Is Our New Style Icon