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Ashton Kutcher Is Bad at Making Pancakes But Good at Being a Dad

Ashton Kutcher.
Ashton Kutcher. Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher can do tai chi with “his own energy,” but he can’t make a damn pancake. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh. He can make perfectly adequate pancakes — just not good enough to get raving reviews from his daughter.

On Instagram this morning, the actor and recovered fruitarian posted a photo of the flapjacks he made for his 3-year-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, which he tried to style like a puppy from the hit animated TV series Paw Patrol. What he instead delivered looked more like a badly sunburned dog with different-colored eyes and a severed ear — or, in Wyatt’s opinion, maybe not even a dog?

“What’s this suppose to be,” Wyatt allegedly asked her dad, according to his Instagram caption. Kutcher, suddenly aware of his poor pancake-making skills, was #humbled.

Despite having a relatively short ingredient list, pancakes aren’t the easiest breakfast foods to cook — I’ll give Kutcher that. Anyone who claims they’ve never burned pancakes is either lying or has never made pancakes.

Regardless, he seems like a pretty great dad.

Ashton Kutcher Is Not the Best at Making Pancakes