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Steve Bannon Says Mussolini Was a ‘Guy’s Guy’ Who Was ‘Clearly Loved by Women’

Steve Bannon and Benito Mussolini.
Steve Bannon and Benito Mussolini. Photo: Getty Images

Steve Bannon admires Benito Mussolini in much the way a 14-year-old boy might look up to his cool college-aged brother: He’s a total man, he doesn’t look awkward in his clothes, and most importantly, many girls want to do it (sex) with him.

In a new profile for British magazine The Spectator, the former White House strategist extolled the virtues of the fascist dictator who, in 1920s Italy, banned all rival political parties and opposition newspapers, ramped up secret police activities, abolished local elections, and straight up gave us the term “fascism.” While Bannon has previously described himself as a Leninist, he went into detail about his “fascination” with Mussolini.

“He was clearly loved by women,” Bannon said. “He was a guy’s guy. He has all that virility. He also had amazing fashion sense, right, that whole thing with the uniforms.” While Mussolini did have a notoriously insatiable appetite for sex, how much his lovers revered that is obviously debatable.

About that fashion sense, though — little does Bannon know that he may have a future in fashion consulting.

Bannon Says Mussolini Was ‘Clearly Loved by Women’