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How 6 Beauty Experts Got Rid of Their Acne

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It doesn’t matter how stringent your skin-care routine might be; sooner or later, you’re going to get a zit. It happened to me last week when my skin reacted poorly to a new sunscreen and a field of pimples emerged on my forehead. Instead of panicking, I covered my face in Sunday Riley’s “Saturn.” The mask smells like rotten eggs, but the mix of sulfur and zinc always clears my skin within a day.

As I treated my face, I thought about the skin-care knowledge I’ve picked up as a beauty editor, and the go-to pimple remedies used by others in my field. So I asked around. Below, six beauty experts on how they squashed their last zit.

The Drugstore Hero

Differin Prescription Strength Retinoid Gel

I used an over-the-counter retinol to spot-treat my last zit. —Anonymous beauty expert at CAP Beauty, L.A.

The Fancy French Product

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant

I’m a big fan of masks because they take care of inflammation, they aren’t irritating, and they prevent you from touching your skin. Never touch your skin! It’s been a while since my last pimple, but when I had one, I used Biologique Recherche’s Masque Vivant. —Danina Yerkes, lead esthetician spa at Rescue Spa NYC

The DIY Method

Bamboo Rice Face Cake Mask Mix

I mix Bamboo Rice Face Cake Mask with Tea Tree Toner until it became the consistency of cake batter. I leave that on my pimple for ten minutes before rinsing with water. —Melanie Thomas, Green Beauty Guru at Savor Spa

The Moisturizing Pimple Zapper

Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum
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Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum

I’m 25 and I’ve been lucky my whole life where I’ve only gotten the occasional breakout. In the past year my skin took a turn for the worse, but then I tried Marie Veronique’s B3 Serum. It’s actually hydrating, and the niacinamide in the serum is anti-inflammatory and gets red of redness. It transformed my skin. —Elyse Frieri, Green Beauty Expert at Credo Beauty

If You’re Scared of Shots

Emerge Labs Acne Drying Lotion
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Emerge Labs Acne Drying Lotion

I had a breakout on my cheek that was caused by hormones. I knew that if I went to a dermatologist they would inject it with cortisone, and I don’t like injections. Instead, I put hot water on the tip of a washcloth to make the pimple come to the surface. I squeezed it, applied Emerge Labs’ drying lotion  on top and then their zinc and sulfur mask over that. —Cleo Londone, Esthetician at Metamorphosis Face Spa

The Budget-Friendly Option

Zit No More Pimple Treatment

I used the rollerball from a company called the Better Skin Co. It’s called Zit No More and it’s a tea tree oil rollerball and it’s amazing. —Katie Jane Hughes, celebrity makeup artist

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Here’s How 6 Beauty Experts Got Rid of Their Acne