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The ‘Cat Person’ Author Is Writing a Horror Movie

Photo: Marga Frontera/Getty Images

After making everyone on the internet relive their own dating horror stories with her viral New Yorker short story Cat Person, author Kristen Roupenian has sold a script for a full-length horror film to A24, Variety reports.

Cat Person, a story about a terrible date, became one of the The New Yorker’s most-read short stories ever back in December. Landing right in the heat of #MeToo, the story helped to broaden the ongoing conversation about sexual harassment to include other types of “bad” sex, prompted thousands of words of online analysis, and led to a seven-figure book deal for Roupenian.

A24 didn’t give any details about the film — which is titled Bodies Bodies Bodies — but if Cat Person is any indication, themes of technological anxiety, toxic masculinity, and the disjuncture between men and women could all feature prominently. Can’t wait for the think pieces!

‘Cat Person’ Author Is Writing a Horror Movie