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26 Other Things We’d Put in This $60 Tampon Pouch

Today, Racked took notice of a certain $60 Femme Pouch by the popular leather goods brand, Cuyana. The accessory was first revealed last week on International Women’s Day in collaboration with Lola, an organic, female-run tampon company, and it is meant to hold up to two tampons.

Cuyana’s website describes the Femme Pouch as being “an innovative new essential for the modern woman who is always moving.” It can be clipped onto bags you already carry, or thrown at the bottom of one. It also comes in two colors: blush/red and navy/white.

Despite its intentions, some saw the Femme Pouch as a sign that women should feel ashamed of their periods. It did immediately remind me of the Inside Amy Schumer sketch for “Tampo,” a jazz saxophone designed to hide tampons.

In a follow-up statement to Racked, Cuyana co-founder Shilpa Shah clarified the Femme Pouch’s intentions: “Tampons, for many who use them, are often loose in our bags and get damaged,” she said. “The Femme Pouch isn’t intended to hide our periods but rather to create a functional product that enhances the beauty and femininity of menstruation.”

Cuyana also writes on its website that for those “other moments in the month” the Femme Pouch can carry your “favorite pen.” If pens, $60 miniature bags, and/or organic tampons aren’t a part of your lifestyle, though, we can think of a lot of other things this pouch can be used for. It’s 2018, girl! You can have a pouch for everything.

Below, some suggestions of things to put in your Femme Pouch.

1. A Twinkie.

2. Cigars.

3. Pencils.

4. A small vibrator.

5. Two-thirds of a cheese stick.

6. A Juul vape.

7. A lock of an enemy’s hair.

8. Churros.

9. An harmonica.

10. One lightly-stuffed cannoli.

11. A hard drive containing all six seasons of The Sopranos.

12. A laser pointer for entertaining cats.

13. A black crystal gifted to us by the Olsen Twins.

14. A test tube containing the DNA of all our exes.

15. A sage stick.

16. Chicken nuggets (plus dipping sauce).

17. A spork.

18. Your will and testament folded in half, and then again.

19. Bones.

20. A dull knife.

21. Lip gloss.

22. Pocky.

23. A severed finger, for pranks.

24. Sixty dollars.

25. An even smaller pouch.

26. Feminism.

26 Other Things We’d Put in This $60 Tampon Pouch