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Finally, XXX Deep-Sea Anglerfish Porn Is Here

You can get video of pretty much whatever depravity you want on the internet these days but, until recently, you couldn’t see two anglerfish doin’ it. This has changed, thanks to the deep-sea explorers whose newly captured footage appears to be the most exciting development to happen in the realm of animal sex since that male spider who was super into oral.

Anyway, for those unfamiliar, female anglerfish are the ones with the bulbous bodies, sharp teeth, and headlamps that look like a manifestation of your worst childhood nightmares. The males are teeny-tiny li’l guys who attach themselves to the females. Here’s how they get it on, according to Science magazine:

Like many other species of anglerfish, C. jordani forms a permanent pair bond—once a male finds a mate, he bites into her, eventually fusing with her tissue and gaining sustenance through her blood stream. 

They also write that the dwarf male acts as “permanent sperm provider.” Anyway, the joke writes itself — here’s the video, it’s probably safe for work, unless you or your boss are anglerfish.

Finally, XXX Deep-Sea Anglerfish Porn Is Here