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This Product Makes Washing Curly Hair So Much Easier

DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder
DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder.

Does it take mere minutes for you to wash, condition, and style your hair? Me neither; I have curls. Curly hair requires patience, practice, and just plain luck, and in terms of luck, DevaCurl’s Wash Day Wonder is my four-leaf clover.

Wash Day Wonder Pre-cleanse Slip Detangler solves the complex equation of tangled, curly hair. Knotted hair is more than an annoying esthetic issue. If your hair is tangled as you shampoo and condition, the knots in your hair prevent the even distribution of cleansing and conditioning products. It’s certainly tempting to hold off detangling until the end of your hair routine, when your curls are softer and more manageable, but that makes as much sense as applying a nail polish base coat after a top coat; detangling must come first.

Using a formula free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone, Wash Day Wonder makes tangles and knots disappear. A blend of oils does the grunt work, but the formula isn’t heavy — it feels like a serum or lightweight moisturizer. To use, you must apply Wash Day Wonder to wet hair before shampooing. Its silky texture provides enough “slip” to loosen gnarly tangles as you distribute it throughout your curls with a wide-tooth comb or your favorite tangle-teasing brush. After your curls are completely saturated with the formula, you’re meant to rinse Wash Day Wonder after you massage your scalp with shampoo. There’s no waiting around for the formula “to work” and the pre-cleanse washes away easily, so there’s no need to worry about scalp buildup. And here’s another selling point: it smells delicious, like a juicy tropical fruit.

Two weeks ago I sat in my living room for hours as I removed my set of Marley twists. After wearing the style for a month, some areas around my roots had started to dread. Dreadlocked hair is typically a point-of-no-return; you must cut off the dreads to completely remove the knots. But instead of running rampant with a pair of scissors, I reached for Wash Day Wonder. After I gently combed my roots, the tangles unraveled between my fingers, and a new curly hair hero emerged before my eyes.

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